What Is It?

It's a program designed to let you earn money for something you may already be doing: telling people about Balance 7.

We provide you the tools, you provide us the customers.  When your customers make a purchase, our system gives you a commission for the sale.

For the low cost of $50 per year and a one time purchase of a registration package starting at $75, you can become a member which gets you these great benefits: 

15% Commission

As a member, you become an affiliate and are eligible to receive commissions for telling other people about Balance 7.  If they make a purchase through you, you'll get a commission of 15% per sale!

10% Discount

All of your purchases will be automatically discounted by 10%.  You can get your own product at a great price, or have a few bottles on hand to sell for a little quick cash.   It's up to you!

B7 Rewards Program

Intrested in bigger rewards?

B7 Rewards Premium

What's the difference?

Premium means you'll earn more money faster, and get bigger discounts on your purchases.  All you have to do is set up an autoshipment* and you'll receive these incredible benefits:

Up to 30% Rewards
20% Discount

Instead of a 15% commission, you'll get 25%!  And you'll be eligible to earn an extra 5% bonus if you reach certain sales goals**.  That's as much as 30% for each sale!  You'll also have access to a second tier at 5% commission per sale.

Instead of a 10% discount on your purchases, you'll receive a 20% discount!  What a savings!

Access to a Personal Website

As a premium member, you will have the option to pay a small monthly fee to have your own personal website*** that will allow you to easily attract and convert potential customer into sales!

The Rewards System

Standard Membership
  • Earn 15% on purchases made by anyone you sign up

For example, when you sign up Frank  and he makes a $100 purchase, you get $15.

Pretty simple.

Premium Membership
  • Earn 25% on purchases made by anyone you sign up (tier 1)

  • Earn 5% on purchases made by anyone your tier 1 people sign up (tier 2)

  • 5% bonus commission when your sales for the month are over $400


When you sign up Frank (he is now in your first tier) and he makes a $100 purchase, you get $25.  If Frank signs up Jane (she is now in your second tier) and she makes a $100 purchase, Frank will get $15 and you will get $5.  If your sales for the calendar month are over $400, you will get a bonus of 5% of your total sales for the month.

What are these rewards you speak of?

When you sign up, you'll have a link you can send to people.  When they click on it, our software links them to you, and if they make a purchase, you will receive a commission.


Registration Packages

What is in the registration packages?

There are three levels of registration package: basic, advanced, and supreme.  Each comes with more product than the last.



The Basic package come with one bottle of each size so you know exactly what we offer, and what you can tell customers about

  • 1 64oz bottle

  • 1 32oz bottle

  • 1 8oz bottle



The Advanced package doubles your product and gets you started with a sizable stock.  A great value and a great price!

  • 2 64oz bottles

  • 2 32oz bottles

  • 2 8oz bottles



The biggest package we offer for those who want a big jump start!  Save it all for yourself, give some to a friend, or sell a few bottles for some quick cash!

  • 3 64oz bottles

  • 4 32oz bottles

  • 4 8oz bottles

Sign up today to start getting all these great benefits!

*Autoshipment means that you agree to be sent product automatically every one or two months using your 20% discount.  There are several options available.  You may cancel your autoshipment at any time, but that will downgrade your membership to standard.

**You must exceed $400 in sales in the calendar month to earn the 5% bonus.  The bonus is calculated as 5% of your commissions for that calendar month and is added on top of what you've already earned.

***The personal website is owned and controlled by Allgone LLC.  This is an option provided at additional cost to the member.


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