Registration Packages

What's in the registration packages?

There are three levels of registration package: basic, advanced, and supreme.  Each comes with more product than the last.



The Basic package come with one bottle of each size so you know exactly what we offer, and what you can tell customers about

  • 1 64oz bottle

  • 1 32oz bottle

  • 1 8oz bottle



The Advanced package doubles your product and gets you started with a sizable stock.  A great value and a great price!

  • 2 64oz bottles

  • 2 32oz bottles

  • 2 8oz bottles



The biggest package we offer for those who want a big jump start!  Save it all for yourself, give some to a friend, or sell a few bottles for some quick cash!

  • 4 64oz bottles

  • 4 32oz bottles

  • 4 8oz bottles


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